After completing an administrative apprenticeship and attending hotel management school in Thun, I took over the family business from my parents in 2011. I enjoy the responsibilities that come with this position, and I like the fact that no two days are alike. I use my free time to go climbing or mountain biking in the summer, or skiing in the winter.

Since 2019, I also may be part of the Tännler family. I appreciate the variety of a hotel business and I particularly enjoy the nice encounters with the guests. I find relaxation in nature, with music, reading or with a good glass of wine with family & friends.

Since my retirement, I am in charge of the land around the hotel, and I help out in the kitchen whenever the need arises. In the fall, Andreas and I prepare deer ragout together – a specialty of the house. I also own sheep, I am a passionate hunter, and I enjoy skiing and long hikes.

Even after my retirement, I help with the administration and customer service when needed. I love to relax and enjoy our beautiful surroundings during long nature walks, and I like spontaneous excursions throughout Switzerland.

I work by the hydro powerplant Oberhasli KWO in Innertkirchen as a personal assistant. During my leisure time my hobbies are : mounainnering, mountain biking, sport climbing, skiing and backcountry skiing.

I spend my work week in Meiringen, where I live at an assisted living residence and work at a social enterprise. My mother picks my up on Friday afternoons, and I spend the entire weekend at home in Wyler. Sometimes, when I’m in the mood, I help the wait staff. I love to laugh and to sing, and I enjoy skiing, biking, hiking, and many other things.